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Introduction Introduction

Please introduce yourselves and start planning your goals. 

  1. What would you like to be able to do as the manager of a Moodle site?
  2. Who would you like to collaborate and partner with?
  3. Do you think one or more would be suitable for collaboration on this site?
Support Forum for Questions

Please ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions in this discussion forum

MMS Support Forum

Please ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions in this discussion forum

ITD - Individual Topic Discussion

  1. Do you need a MMS (Multilingual Moodle Site)?
  2. If YES, who will be your users?
  3. How you will configure your site while forcing English language?

MOMS: Users Users: Support Forum

Please ask questions and make suggestions in this discussion forum

Individual Topic Discussion

1-      Who can assign roles to new users in Moodle?
2-      What are the 3 different methods of adding users to Moodle?
3-      Who can bulk actions on users? 

Roles and Permissions Support Forum

If you have any questions about User Permissions, please ask them here.

Let's Discuss Permissions

In this discussion forum you are going to watch the videos and then answer the following questions.

You may also need to read Moodle documentation before answering the question.

  1. How can a manager change the role permissions for a course?
  2. What are the ...
MOMS: Users 2- Lucy Discussion Forum on Users in Moodle

This is a graded activity, so please, answer the 3 questions by clicking " add a new discussion topic":

1. What are the 3 main categories about users a manager of a Moodle site can deal with?

2. If you are a teacher in a Moodle site, what do you wish to be able to "do" with the ...

Support forum for questions about Users in Moodle

Feel free to ask questions about Users in a Moodle site if your role is a manager of a Moodle site.

MOMS: Plugins Plugins Support

We can discuss here what we can do or not with plugins.

Competencies Support forum

Ask for help or give suggestions on this forum.

1. Discussion forum

Self-evaluation Activity. This activity helps you to investigate your confidence in evaluating you Moodle competencies. Answer the questions below. 

What are your experiences in using competencies frameworks in teaching?

(e.g.experienced, limited, not familiar at ...

MOMS: - Users - Support forum

This a support forum for all the questions and possible problems including technical issues. 

Discussion forum

In this discussion forum you have to answer the following questions: 

1. What are the two advantages of working as a group?

2. What could be the possible problems? (Name at least two)

3. Who should become a member of the group? What could be the criteria? (Discuss)

TEAM Test/Evaluate/Assess

Post any doubts about this topic here.

What are tests?

What is a quiz?

What is an assessment?

MOM_SA1_PETER Suppport Forum

Support Forum for Site Administration

Reccuring Discussion

  1. Can the Moodle quiz detect cheating?
  2. Can Moodle track the IP address?
  3. What can Moodle track?
Moodle site admin specific instruction

Moodle allows specific roles to be able to change other specific role capabilities based on the context. For example, a teacher in a course may want all students (users with a student role) to be able to edit all forums in that course. Or a teacher may want all students in a specific ...

Course and activity permissions

The Role permissions for a course can be changed in Course administration > Users > Permissions and for a particular activity in Activity administration > PermissionsClick the Allow icon (+) opposite the capability to give permission to additional roles or the Prevent icon (X) to...

Front page permissions

Frontpage permissions can be changed in Frontpage settings > Users > Permissions and for a particular activity in Activity administration > Permissions.


Users in Moodle (Taragy) Support forum 1
MOM -Grades(General Grade Settings) Mokgaola Support Forum

Use this forum for any help you may need and/or give the suggestions

MOMS - Overview - Anupama Support Forum

Learners are expected to ask at least ONE question pertaining to the content in the Topic Section. This is to encourage learners to ask questions and seek clarification of their doubts. The activity also helps to initiate exchange of information between Facilitator and Learner and /or ...

H5P - Mushtak Support Forum for H5P Activities

Ask your questions/doubts related to H5P activities. 

Discussion Forum - H5P Activities

Questions to be discussed:

1. What is the importance of H5P activities to you?

2. Name the H5P activities that interest you with reason. 

3. What activities are you going to use in your course/s? 

Appearance- Pat Support Forum on Appearance of a Moodle Site

Use this support forum for questions, to add comments, and make suggestions. 

Forum on Customising the Appearance

Please answer the following questions:

1. Why do you think it is important to customise the appearance of your Moodle site?

2. Why would you add attractive images and descriptive text in the front page?

3. Where in your page would you add the "Get the mobile App" link?


Participants can use this forum to ask questions, add comments, or to make suggestions. 

Online assessment Support forum 0
Discussion Forum 0
Creating and managing Courses and Categories (Luiza) Support Fórum for category and course creation

Use this forum to post your doubts and questions

Discussion Fórum category and course creation

Use this forum to explain  the different course formats and in which tipe of course they are better applied:

1. One topic format

2. Weekly format

3. Topics format

Plugins-Pradnya Support forum for Plugins

Discuss  / post your questions  on Plugin in this forum.

Discussion forum for Plugins

Discuss these questions on Plugins in this forum

1. Is the feedback on question preferred? Why?

2.What is the significance of general and specific feedback?

3. Is response history important? Justify.

Analytics- Veena Support forum for Analytics

For queries related to any tasks related to Analytics

Discussion forum

Answer the following questions in the discussion form after watching the video

1. Where can you obtain the insight report?

2. Enlist two analytics models

3. How can you disable analytics?

Quiz 0
Working With Media Support Forum

Ask queries and raise your concerns here.

Working with Media

Refer to the resource and complete the following tasks:

1. Create a video on 'what if...' and upload on you tube and post its link on the discussion forum.

2. Create a mindmap of ' Images' to analyse the behaviour of learners in a classroom and post its link on the forum.

3. ...

Activities in Moodle- Maria Support forum

Use this forum to ask questions and make comments

Forum on moodle activities

Please add a new discussion topic and answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of activities would you prefer to use most often in a moodle course and why?
  2. Why is the forum a very popular activity?
  3. How would you use the Quiz activity in your course?