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    This is the title of topic section in MOMS

    The section briefly describes the nature of the course  and the role that members will play as Managers of a Moodle site wherein they can work in the course they are learning as well as create their own courses. The section informs that members may practice their tasks as managers without disturbing or accidentally removing other member's work  in the MOMS section where they can also help members to try out their creativity and come together and collaborate

    The section instructs members to take care not to remove other member's work and select any section for themselves and start working on it - customizing it the way they want to - so that they can each work on it.

    The members as managers have rights similar to the Administrator in the sections and sub section shown

    Competencies -  Migrate frameworks, Import competency framework,  Export competency framework,  Competency frameworks,  Learning plan templates

    Badges -                Badges settings,    Manage badges,  Add a new badge

    Language -           Language customization

    Appearance -       Default Dashboard page,  Default profile page, Manage tags, User tours

    Front page -         Front page settings

    Users -                   Accounts,  Browse list of users,  Bulk user actions,   Add a new user, Cohorts,  Upload users,  Upload user pictures

    Permissions -      Define roles, Assign system role, Check system permissions,  Capability overview,  Assign user roles to cohort,  

    Courses -           Manage courses and categories,  Add a category,  Restore course,  Backups,  General backup defaults,  General import defaults, Automated backup set up

    Grades -               General settings, Grade category settings, Grade item settings, Scales, Outcomes (if enabled on site)


    Report settings - Grader report,   Grade history,   Overview report,   User report

    Plugins -                 Question types,  Question preview defaults

    Reports-                 Comments,  Backups,  Logs,  Live logs, Performance overview, Security overview, Statistics (if enabled on site),  Event monitoring rules

    The members beginning with the facilitator of the course  each add one other learner as a user to the site and assign roles while doing so they have to ensure that the learner they add as a user has completed the requisite Moodle courses in order to be able to learn as Manager of a Moodle site - these prior courses include Moodle for Teacher and Moodle MOOC .

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