• Overview

    Collaboration Global Skills 

    Collaboration Global Skill is a 1-month online course within the Global Skills course and it involves one synchronous meeting a week.  It is designed to be taken together with the Communication Global Skills Course as they both deal with Ways of Working. It includes concepts of collaboration, teamwork, innovation, and leadership.

    It is mainly aimed at individuals aged 18 -25, but anyone wanting to join it may benefit from it, too. 

    Collaboration has become a 21st-century trend. The need in society to think and work together on issues of critical concern has increased, shifting the emphasis from individual efforts to group work, from independence to the community. Collaboration skills are essential for nearly every job role and industry. Knowing how to cooperate well with others will support workplace efficiency, aid in career advancement, and help you and your team achieve better outcomes. To help you boost your collaboration skills and improve your effectiveness at work, here are some helpful background information, examples, and useful tips you will find when you join this course. As in this course, you will learn how to recognize complex decision-making processes and how to manage them. You will actively work on building trust and cooperation, leading to effective collaboration and high team performance.

    By the end of this course, participants will have the ability to:  

    • have a clear concept of collaborative learning.
    • determine how everyone communicates and collaborates with each other.