• Overview of the Course

    Communication Global Skills

    Communication Global Skills is a 1-month course within the Global Skills course and it involves one synchronous meeting a week.  It is designed to be taken together with the Collaboration Global Skills Course as they both deal with Ways of Working. It is mainly aimed at individuals aged 18 -25, but anyone wanting to join it may benefit from it, too. 

    Communication skills are  important for three main reasons:

    1. they improve interpersonal relationships
    2. they enhance academic success and are linked to higher grades and graduation rates. 
    3. they are one of the main skills employers seek in their employees.

    By the end of this course, participants will have the ability to:  

    • distinguish between linguistic and non-linguistic aspects of communication;
    • use language and non-verbal forms of communication in ways appropriate to the context and the communicative aims;
    • successfully engage in social interactions by using linguistic  and non-linguistic strategies