• Overview: Introduction to the course

    Course Description

    The purpose of this course is to provide learners with knowledge of writing practices and skills to apply those practices in classrooms of diverse students. This course examines foreign and second language writing theory and practices in adult classrooms. It explores the process of writing and highlights problems faced by non-native speakers. The course also surveys the approaches, techniques, and activities for teaching writing, with an examination of technology use.

    Course Outcomes
    By the end of the course the students should be able to:

    •  use new knowledge to make pedagogic decisions related to feedback, assessment, lesson planning, and other issues.
    • gain an understanding of EFL writing and implement a variety of strategies to develop students’ writing skills
    • design original and utilizable learning activities for the learners at different language proficiency levels
    • generate a daily lesson plan for writing class to secure the ground and have the ability to approach a plan from a critical perspective.


    Yelena Babeshko