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MMS Page Tasks for week 2

MOMS: Users Folder Course Badges

Course Badges 

Page Week 2 requirements

Week 2 requirements

MOMS: Plugins Page Available Plugins
Many plugins are available for Moodle.

Competencies File Badge for the completion of the course

You will be awarded a badge for the successful completion of all tasks in this course.


TEAM Folder TEAM Folder

Find our TEAM files here.

MOM_SA1_PETER Folder Teachers Folder

This is teacher folder for all the files. 

Users in Moodle (Taragy) Folder Teacher folder

It is a folder.

MOM -Grades(General Grade Settings) Mokgaola URL Teacher's Folder
MOMS - Overview - Anupama Folder Teacher's Folder

This is for saving Teachers files

Plugins-Pradnya Page Video on Course default setting in moodle
Watch the video 
Analytics- Veena URL MS4M..MOMS Padlet
Working With Media Page Resources for reference

 1.  Embedding video -   

 2. Working with files  -

3. record audio and video -