In this course, teachers will work on and develop reading practices and skills to apply them in the online classroom. During the course, the teachers will identify the reading needs of learners, individual reading problems, and work on the strategies of improving students’ reading skills through a variety of instructional materials and reading techniques. 

Teaching Listeningis a 5-week online course that is designed with an aim to equip prospective teachers of English with how to teach listening skills. This course introduces you to the reasons, principles of how to teach the listening skill, teaching and assessment techniques. Student teachers will design individual and/or group lesson plans with teaching activities and assessment tasks for a variety proficiency levels according to the teaching principles.

 Teaching Writing is a 5-week online course that is designed with an aim to provide learners with knowledge of writing practices and skills to apply those practices in classrooms of diverse students. This course examines foreign and second language writing theory and practices in adult classrooms. It explores the process of writing, and highlights problems faced by non-native speakers. The course also surveys the approaches, techniques, and activities for teaching writing, with an examination of technology use.


Teaching Speaking is a 5-week online course  that is  designed  with  an  aim  to  equip  prospective  teachers  of  English with how  to  teach  speaking  skills. This course discusses the nature and principles of speaking skills, techniques and activities of teaching speaking skills as well as approaches to speaking assessment. Student teachers will design  individual  and/or  group  micro teaching  activities  focusing  on  the language  skills  above  with  adherence  to  principles  of  lesson  planning  and  techniques  of  the specific skills for a variety proficiency levels.

We need to remember that learning and teaching online is not only about creating and sharing assignments online. It's also about human interactions.” Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D

Remote communication is very important in our lives. We can't always be physically available for our students, colleagues, business associates, and our loved ones. 

Live Online Virtual Engagement (LOVE) is an 8-week free online course that aims to provide you with practical know-how on how to connect and interact with your students, family, business associates, colleagues, and others in a live online class. You will learn how to use ZOOM, WizIQ, GoBrunch, Congrea, ezTalk, Google Meet, Jitsi, Microsoft Team, Big Blue Button, Streamyard, and other free web tools. 

Dr. Nellie Deutsch will discuss free platforms and tools you can use to engage your audience. 

Here's how: